🔥🔥🔥 Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball

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Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball

We also offer free revisions to our clients for assignments delivered. He is expected to have an initial appearance in U. I finish a film and I'm Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball around the house and have other Short Essay On Bessie Coleman I get them together and I write them. Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball are nostalgic for your childhood. For better or for worse, we 9 verb think that somebody or share a whole history. Put while you Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball talking to somebody your phone on vibrate in meetings, movies, etc. I Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball knew it was games with the same people. Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball get that. Sign In.

Daniel Castillo - Stop And Chat - The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 72

They got along very well, and he was offered a job for a month in s. Later he was offered a 6 job. Can you remember any of the missing words? Watch or listen and check. Rob OK. Jenny I don't it. Don't tell me you forgot them? Rob I think they're still on my desk. Sally What a mind. Sally 7 What's that? Harry That's great 5 Sally Let's go and have dinner. Jenny What a idea!

Copy the rhythm b Watch or listen again and answer the questions. Why not? I don't believe it. Can you remember any of That's great news! What a great idea! What a pity. Harry How do you your career? Never mind. Rob Not. I'm more of a writer. Rob Oh, you know, interviews, reviews, like that Harry How! How interesting! How awful! How amazing! What a pity! What a good idea! What terrible news! Harry Go , son! How e Watch or listen again and repeat the phrases. How do you say fantastic! Can you? D react to good news, bad news, unexpected news, and interesting news D introduce yourself and other people - D use phrases that give you time to think, e. Fill in the blanks with phrases A-G.

All situations I rich 'Cause he pays for everything 2 cash or credit cards 3 you have to pay for it Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and fflOf e ', Do you think it is? Put them in the correct column. You can worry about the bill next month. How is or b go straight to a shopping mall and spend it all. Which two are c put all of it in your bank account until you know what different? I'm vt;ry organized and know exactly what I have f Practice saying these sentences. Let's go shopping for clothes. I have no idea. When I have money, I usually just Can I borrow some money? They can't afford to pay the mortgage. I work in a store. Hopefully your friend will forget about it, too! You speak to your friend and explain the b Compare your answers with a partner.

Say why. Find out if installments. He I She I you a spender or a saver? How many are savers? You can afford it, and it b Listen again and match speakers l-6withA-F. What are they arguing about? Then listen and check. Are they new? I 2 Uust buy them. Do you like them? O They're OK. K Oh, not much. That isn't cheap for a pair of shoes. Anyway, we can't afford to buy new clothes right now. K Why not? What is it? D The phone bill. D What about it? D But 1 1 1 need the new model. K well,1 12 need some new shoes. Have you ever bou gh! Learn more about the present perfect and simple past, and practice them.

Give as much information as you can. Think oftwo people you know personally or John DeJoria, an American billionaire businessman, owns several companies, including John Paul Mitchell Systems, a successful have heard ofwho are very rich. Did they? However, DeJoria was not always wealthy. He was the second son of immigrant parents and grew up in a b inherit their money who from? Before forming his hair c win it bow? DeJoria's selfmade rise is an inspiring story. How did door. At 10 years old, my brother and I had paper routes. We got he become so rich? Why is his success surprising?

As you got older, you continued to work. Is that right? Doors literally A D He was homeless again. C D An investor didn't give him the money he You've been homeless, haven't you? Once, when I was about 22 years old. The other time was D D He sold encyclopedias from door-to-door. I wasn't E D He left his wife. So I had left and had F D He was homeless. We had a backer for John Paul Mitchell Systems putting in a half-million dollars. That money was G []] He sold Christmas cards from door-to-door.

I never got a penny. So we started with humble beginnings. Do memories of the streets motivate you? It sure makes you very appreciative of what you have in your e Look at the highlighted words and phrases life. Those who are homeless-like people with kids who are related co money and business. With a partner, homeless-I really have a heart for. So I participate in a lot of try to figure out the meanings from context. What are the biggest problems you've faced in business?

Any business you start, be highlighted words and phrases. Then ask and ready for it. The difference between successful people and answer the questions with a partner. How things the unsuccessful people don't want to do. When 10 doors long have you used it? And we said, "Man 3 If you needed a to lend you money to we made it; it's all downhill now. It took a couple years. How did you feel? What was the first thing you bought yourself at e that point? This is the first time I said I'm going to order off the left ja. That, to me, was a pretty big deal. Correct the wrong information in these sentences.

Where do you think they were taken? What can you see in 1 Jane's son chose the name Adelante Africa, which means each photo? Listen to Part 1. Where did she children's English. What did she decide to do after the trip? What does Jane say about: 6 Two of Jane's children have been helping in Uganda. Then listen again to check. Glossary f Do you know anybody like Jane who does a lot of work for a holiday BritE for vacation charity? What do they do? A Since B For about 22 years. C For four years. Are the three questions and answers in a about? How lona learnina French? Ask your partner at least three 6 questions about the things he or she has written. One question must be How lona haveyou Do you write things on it or do Y?

U ' c Listen again and repeat the sentences. Copy the just read other people's tweet:! Have you ever taken part in one? Helen Skelton hopes to become the first What did you do? How much money did you raise? She has never been afraid of a who agreed to kayak down the Amazon for charity. Last year, she became the second woman to Read the introduction and answer the questions. But when Blue Peter decided to do something to 2 What is she hoping to do this year? So they suggested that she kayak 1, miles down the Amazon from Nauta in Peru to c Before you read the texts of Helen's first three phone Almeirim in Brazil.

There are no roads and no towns, had on her trip. Then read and check. Were you right? Did she manage to finish? Phone call l ,, Everything went wrong. I only managed half f Listen again. Then answer the questions. I've been suffering from the heat. I went the wrong way, and I had to paddle against 3 Why didn't she celebrate reaching the halfway point? There e pink 4 What have been driving her crazy this week? I think that if I can do 62 miles a day, t n 6 Why is she starting to feel a little sad? I can make it. The news 7 How many miles did she do altogether? Was it a positive experience? I was exhausted! It's absolutely boiling. NOT ooilir,g. A Was Lisa's father angcy about the car? B Yes, he was furious!

Helen has only been kayaking once before in B Yes, it's really tiny-just a bedroom and a living room. Last week, she arrived at the Amazon in B Yes, I'm terrified! I never fly anywhere. After two days of kayaking, she made the first of her phone calls. B Yes, it was delicious. B I'm starving! I haven't eaten all day. B It's enormous. It has seven bedrooms. B It was freezing! Minus 20 degrees. B It was filthy. It took us three hours to clean it. B They're excited. In fact, they want to pay for everything!

B It was hilarious. We laughed all the way through. I remember turning the key. I never thought it would happen. How are the strong adjectives paddle once it goes under the surface. It pronounced? Practice the dialogues in pairs. My hands have been giving d Ask and answer with a partner. I now 1 Have you ever been swimming in a place where the water was have them bandaged in white tape. I listen riders in your country?

The problem is heat exhaustion. I've been traveling 62 miles a day, which is my target. But yesterday after ,,, p. I don't feel like cooking. My wife is unemployed. When bad Luck becomes good Luck! You've had a lot of bad luck in the past-a bad accident and some frightening health problems. Does that keep you from doing things in the future that involve luck, like Max Andrew Samantha Zenobia Skylar buying a lottery ticket?

In are also feeling down case you've never heard of Bill Morgan, his story actually c hasn't eaten brownies in a long time begins with some very bad luck. The accident did not a he doesn't like cooking kill him, but it did leave Bill with a heart condition. When he was given medication for the heart condition, Bill had an b it's cheaper than eating at home allergic reaction that caused a powerful heart attack, which c he can't cook that type of food at home left him clinically dead for 14 minutes.

During this a talk to each other a lot b don't like each other at all time, his family was advised to unplug his life support system c don't like each other as much after spending a lot of not once, but twice. Bill's bad luck was ending and his heartwarming a if it's cheaper than usual b every three months story was just beginning. Lisa said yes. A week later, Morgan a when she was 15 b for people who are sick with cancer bought a scratch-off lottery ticket at his local newsstand. The news crew thought it Do the tasks with a partner. No one could have predicted what Can you And the best part is, it all 1 D describe your diet and the typical diet in your happened on live TV almost causing another heart attack. Mark the sentences T true , liked when we were children.

F false , or DS doesn't say. Bill was in a coma for 14 days. How much did you re-enactment. What did you do with it? Where did you first start learning? Check their meaning and pronunciation, and try to learn them. Read the public transportation in towns and cities in your introduction and answer the questions. Where to? Listen and repeat. On Top Gear, a very popular TV series about cars and driving, b Write three words from the list in each column. Practice saying the words. Three possible forms of transportation were chosen: a motorboat, a car, and a combination of d Look at the words in the columns. What are the transportation. One of the show's hosts, Rutledge Wood, took typical spellings for these sounds?

Go to the the motorboat and his colleague Adam Ferrera took the car Sound Bank p. Can you hear transportation. His trip involved getting a taxi to the airport the difference? Practice saying them. Then he rented a scooter. Do you still think your predictions in 3a are right? His trip began in the Miami River. For the first hour there 1 Dwent much faster in the later part of his trip was a speed limit of 7 miles an hour because of the 2 Ddid something illegal enforced no-wake zone in the river. Once the boat passed through Biscayne Bay and went under the Rickenbacker 3 Dwent more slowly in the later part of his trip Bridge, he entered open water.

Rutledge increased the 4 Dhad to stop for more gas boat's speed to over 90 miles an hour and made up the time 5 Dcouldn't understand the directions spoken by he lost on the Miami River. Approximately 60 miles from theGPS the finish line, Rutledge was ahead of Adam and Tanner, 6 Dwas in the lead for most of the race but he had to stop for gas if he wanted to reach the finish line in Key West. In the 15 minutes it took to refuel the boat, d Look at the highlighted verbs and verb phrases. Adam passed Rutledge in the car and took the lead.

Once With a partner, figure out their meaning from Rutledge was back on the open water, there were a lot of big waves, but he was able to pass Adam near Seven Mile Bridge just outside of Key West. Unfortunately for both Rutledge and Adam, Tanner flew over both of them in the seaplane at about the same time. Now Tanner was in the best position to win. Each racer was only miles from the finish line in Key West. Who would win? Follow his route on the map. Adam started off OK. He wasn't driving fast because he was going the speed limit.

However, after an hour, Adam decided that he was going too slowly. He increased his speed to 75 miles an hour miles an hour over the speed limit. As Adam passed through a small town, he was stopped by the police! They were angry that Adam was speeding, and it meant that Adam lost many valuable minutes! This made finding his way to Key West difficult. As Adam finally approached Key West, the traffic was getting worse. He was worried about getting stuck so close to the finish line.

Only three miles to go Now listen to what happened. What order did they arrive in? Are the highlighted phrases right or wrong? I D What's the quicker way to get around Miami? Were your top a. Learn more about comparatives and each activity and why it is dangerous. We link words: 1 when a word ends in a consonant sound and the next word begins with a vowel sound, e. Try to link the marked words and copy the rhythm. For each group of three things compare them using the bold adjective, i. Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving. Check I' the ones you agree with and put an X next to the ones you disagree with. Think about your reasons. Slow drivers cause more accidents than fast drivers.

A car magazine tested drivers in a driving People who drink and drive should lose simulator. The drivers had to drive in the their driver's license for life. Speed cameras do not stop accidents. Try to use expressions from the box. Do you agree? I with Juan. I think I don't think j you're right. Write a magazine article about transportation in your town or city. Arizona has shown that the stereotype that 4 What topics do In a men talk about more than women the study, hundreds of college students were fitted b women talk about more than men with recorders, and the total number of words they used during the day was then counted. Then A read the article The results, published in the New Scientist, showed that Men talkjust as much as women and Bread the article women speak about 16, words a day and men speak Gossip with the girls?

Find answers to questions In fact, the four most talkative people stereotype stcri;n"'IP' noun a fixed idea about a particular type in the study were all men. Match them with definitions Men tend to talk about fewer 1 more credible 3 more surprising subjects, the most popular being work, 2 more important sports, jokes, cars, and women. We don't serve food here. Learn more about articles and common belief that women use three times as practice them. Then practice saying. Professor Boynton interviewed over 1, women for her study. She also found that women 4 The Woman in the kitchen is very talkative. W hy does the pronunciation change? Professor Boynton also says that men and women talk for different reasons.

In social situations, the movies the end the other day the world the sun women use conversation to solve problems and the Internet the kitchen the answer the Earth reduce stress, while men talk to each other to laugh or to exchange opinions. Work in pairs or small groups. Do you know any men who stay at home and take care of their children? How do they manage? Can you name some of the things in the picture? Why only better than men when the baby is small. In what way is it different e Listen again and correct the wrong information. When he left the army, Sinclair and his wife agreed that somebody needed to write such a manual, that he would stay at home and take care of the baby, and who better to write it than me?

I had been a while his wife went back to work. I was "I have done a lot of crazy things, but when I put the man for the Job. What does he want? What does he need? I did of instructions that explains with military precision not know. It was one of the most difficult days of my and diagrams how new fathers should approach the life. But I think that in men phones and tablets. Can you remember the missing prepositions? J When are prepositions stressed? Prepositions are usually only stressed when they are the last word, e. Compare: We need to talk about our vacation. What are you talking about? Freddie is afraid of flying. What are you afraid of? Then ask and answer the questions with a partner.

What do they disagree about? Answer the questions. What does Kerri th ink about? Who disagrees? What do they think? What about? Mark the sentences T true or F false. Why is Kerri surprised? London's just not as hectic as New York. Don Sure, we all like peace and quiet. But in my New York is possibly Don't you? Kerri To be I definitely prefer London. Don Come on, Rob. You've lived in both. What do you? The whole world is here! Kerri But that's the problem. It's too big. There are too many people. Everybody's so stressed out. And nobody has any time for you. Jenny I don't think that's Kerri. New Yorkers are very friendly. Kerri Oh they can sound friendly with all that "Have a nice day" stuff. Copy the rhythm and intonation. Discuss the following sentences. Can you remember any of - Riding a bike is the most practical way to the missing words?

Social English phrases - You only get good service in expensive restaurants. Jenny It's that How do you say them in your language? What does it mean? I've been ble to Which one do you like best? If at first you don't succeed, What other verb is it similar to? Maybe it was because of that F I've always wanted to be able to scene In one of the very first James Bond movies, where a G we would never be able to beautiful actress comes out of the ocean looking fabulous, with oxygen tanks on her back - I could see myself looking e Read the article again.

Why did they have problems? So, two years ago I booked a vacation that Have they completely given up trying? Have you ever included a week-long Intensive course. On the first day of tried to learn something and given up? First, we had two hours of theory, and then we went Into the ocean to put it into f Look at phrases A-G again. What tense or form is practice. But as soon as I went under the water, I discovered be able to in each one? What tenses or forms does that I suffered from claustrophobia. After can have? Every evening for the rest of my vacation I had to listen to my scuba-diving classmates g ,- p.

Learn more about can, talking about all the wonderful things they had seen that could, and be able to, and practice them. I still love swimming and snorkeling, but I think that I have to accept that 3 scuba dive. Make new sentences with the verbs or verb phrases you hear. Ride a horse When I was working in love to be able to ride a horse. Ecuador there were free classes, so I joined.

Park the basic steps, but I was exercising like a robot! I didn't give up, 0e won't be able to park. I can a Look at the topics. Choose two or three and think still remember the first two steps, and I still try to exercis when I about what you could say for them. Sean, Canada Something you've tried to learn, but have never been able to do well. Something you learned to do after a lot of effort. Something you can do, but you'd like to be able to do better. I Something new that you would like to be able to do. I think Asian languages, which have symbols instead of words, soon be able to do well. Also my teacher, a Japanese woman, didn't speak before they leave school. Spanish very well, which didn't help! She was a very charming woman, but she was a little disappointed with us, and you could b Work with a partner.

However, you chose in a. Give reasons or explanations for one day she invited us to dinner and gave us some delicious each one. Which languages do they speak? How did they learn? Before you read, match the languages below with words Which language s. Complete the sentences with 3 does he like best bored or borinB. We use the adjective ending in -ed for the person but he can speak who has the feeling I was very frustrated that I couldn't scuba dive. We use the adjective ending in -ing for a person or situation that produces the eleven languages feeling I couldn't join in the conversation, which was very frustrating. I never imagined that it would English or listening to English? He said that he has always been interested in languages.

Underline the stressed decided to learn Dutch with CDs and books. It was great. Ask for yourseW books, but also by watching movies, listening to more information. Then complete language learning, and figure out their meaning from with a reflexive pronoun. We use reflexive pronouns myself. I always test on new vocabulary. It's a good S What other languages would you like to be able to way to remember it.

It took him three years. It turns on and off. Good job! S My sister's so vain! Everytime she passes a mirror, she looks at in it! Listen once and complete their tip. Then compare your notes with a partner. He said, "There seem to be more your phone. Going around speaking English loudly and b Listen again. Try to add more details about each tip. For now I need to concentrate on my German and Russian, so I can prepare for my finals. Try it! Then talk to a partner about questions A D He's dialing a number. Do you agree with what Debrett's says?

C D She just hung up. D D She's choosing a new ringtone. F D She left a message on his voicemail. D The line's busy. Nowadays it still offers advice on what quiet zones instant messaging tic, and what not to do in social situations. How long have you had it? If you're sometimes embarrassed by your ringtone. Cl from What do you use your phone for apart talking? CJ Have you ever With a partner, cross out the silent letters.

Match the highlighted phrases sho'-'d talk wrong listen half dishonest with their meaning. Two of the phrases match the knowledge design whole rhy thm doubt same meaning. It isn't necessary. B Don't do this. C It's necessary or required to do this. D It's a good idea to do this. Try to copy the rhythm and to link the marked words. Learn more about must, have to, and should, and practice them. That is the reason why they exist. Your phone is not a megaphone. You don't have to shout. It phone. Put while you ore talking to somebody your phone on vibrate in meetings, movies, etc. If you must take a call in the car, use a hands-free set. Think of three things that you feel would be bad manners to do. Did Heidi do any of chose things?

I think this was wrong. Heidi was invited to spend the weekend with her fiance Freddie's d Now read some of the comments chat were posted on family at their house. But soon after they returned home, Heidi the Internet. Write H next to the ones that support received a very nasty email from Carolyn Bourne, Freddie's Heidi and C next to the ones that support Carolyn. Bourne says Heidi should have sent a handwritten thank-you note We are in the 21st century. Nobody sends handwritten letters anymore. Why didn't he prepare Heidi? He must know what his stepmother is like.

He could also have prepared his family by telling them about any eating problems his friend has. I don't think Heidi should have sent it on to her friends. It makes me think that Mrs. Bourne might be right about her bad manners. Here are a few examples of your lack of manners: 4 The stepmother seems to be extremely jealous of Heidi. If I were should not declare what you will and will not eat - unless Heidi, I would leave him. Bourne, I agree with every word you say. Young You have never written to thank me when you have stayed. I hope Freddie comes to his senses and finds someone better. Surprised and amused, the friends forwarded it to other people, and soon the email had been posted on several websites, with thousands of people writing comments about the mother-in-law.

Then compare with a partner. Read about what Heidi and Freddie did next. American manners. What was their problem when they first met? It's OK if you know the person ";::!! Jason thought Caroline was rude when she asked him to hang out with her. D criticize the food e. Slow down! Qa,b,or c. Turn it off. I I'm not in right now. Please hold. I We arrived Vancouver at What kind of concert was it? What happened? Turn it off! Something historic happened at the New York Philharmonic on the evening of January 10, , about an hour into Mahler's Ninth Symphony. And rang. And rang again. It was the kind of marimba riff we've a he only needs to take one train all heard on the street from a stranger's phone. We all wondered whether the conductor Alan Gilbert would react.

Suddenly there was silence. Gilbert had halted the performance. He turned to a they have had a lot of practice the man, who was seated in the front row, and said: b they know when children are hungry "Are you going to turn it off? Will you do that? In the Avery Fisher Hall. They were so furious b talk about the same things as women that I could have imagined them dragging him from his seat on to the stage, tying him to a stake, and setting him alight!

Gilbert turned to the audience. Gilbert neither smiled nor acknowledged the a check their phones for the time cheers. Instead he turned to the orchestra, instructing the b don't interact with you while they're on the phone players to resume, several bars back from the point at which he had stopped the performance. Just before, he raised his c use their phones when they are having dinner baton and turned again to the audience and said. Gilbert's brave decision that night brought new music to the Philharmonic. Do the tasks with a partner. I the box if you can do them. Can you In what part of the symphony did the phone ring? D talk about typical stereotypes about men and 3 How did the audience react a to the phone ringing, and b to what the conductor did?

Gilbert restart the music from the same place 4 D describe something you would like co be able to do, where he had stopped? Check their meaning and pronunciation and try to learn them. Short movies Citi bikes Watch and enjoy the movie. In pairs, interview your partner about sports using the questionnaire. Be careful with or there are two possible pronunciations. Look at the typical spellings good sports should be optional there is too much or not enough of these sounds.

Do you know what any of their a Do you know of any sports players who are superstitions are or were? A It is not only the players who are superstitious B A good example is Serena Williams C Superstitions and rituals are very common among fans D After my wife had left the room, Murray lost the fourth set E The superstitions and rituals are not confined to the court F Tennis playersarc strange people c Read the article again. Read and tell each other about the spectators, or all of them? Goran lvanisevic. I laughed at sporting superstitions 1 Tennis players are strange people. Have you noticed how they always ask for convinced that if he won a match, he had to repeat everything he did the previous day.

Spurs will score. I left the times before serving. One year this meant room and they scored. Spurs Tottenham Hotspur, a London 4 soccer team. As we were watching tennis player Andy Murray play the fourth set at Wimbledon, my wife suddenly got up and went to the kitchen. When she charm anything from a scarf was once asked why she had played to a lucky coin , while another so badly at the French Open she questionnaire revealed that answered.

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Answer the questions. When I would speak to him about writing, about life, art, Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball, he was very, very Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball he couldn't lead his own life, he just couldn't manage. Interrelated Roles was responsible; I was Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Playing Club Basketball. How Animals In Gullivers Travels Watch or listen again and repeat the phrases. What does Paul think ofJenny?

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